Teresa Eaton

BSc. MRT(N), BEd
Certified Negotiation Expert (C.N.E)
Author, "Labour Pains"

Teresa began her career in the medical field, working as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist for 7 years in Toronto. After completing a second degree part time while she worked clinically as a technologist, (Adult Education Brock University), Teresa went on to teach nuclear medicine technology at The Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences. She then had two children in quick succession and decided to write and publish a book about how women decide on working and/or mothering after having children. Writing, marketing, and publishing her book took 7 years while Teresa simultaneously raised her children.

During the course of writing her book, Teresa interviewed 24 different mothers, ranging from those that had chosen to stay at home with their children, and part-time, as well as full-time working mothers. She also interviewed mothers in the public eye in Canada like former Canada A.M. host Valerie Pringle, CEO of Chapters Indigo Canada Heather Reisman, and Discovery Canada's former host and producer Jane Gilbert. Whether she was interviewing regular moms like herself, or those that were more recognizable, there was one common thread - Teresa had to ensure that all of her interviewees felt comfortable speaking to her about very personal, emotional, and private life experiences. Teresa’s book depended on it. Essentially, it was imperative that a certain level of trust be established that would be conducive to them opening up enough to share their lives with her.

Considering that she amassed over 60 hours of interview material and that these mothers allowed her to use virtually all of their contributions, it was clear that these mothers trusted Teresa to tell their stories. Ultimately, Teresa published and marketed her book with great success. She was interviewed live by Beverley Thompson on Canada A.M. in the spring of 2009, as well as on CBC radio with Metro Morning's parenting correspondent Karen Horseman.

Teresa’s skill set is unique and applicable to her role as a Realtor. For seven years while working as a technologist, she was skillfully educating the public one-on-one on a daily basis. Teresa was responsible for explaining sometimes daunting nuclear medicine procedures to her patients. She found great satisfaction in putting these patients at ease and making a potentially stressful procedure morph into a manageable, educational, and yes, even enjoyable experience for them. Having worked in the health care field laid the foundational groundwork in patient care that she now relevantly transfers to the unique relationship of agency when she represents her clients.

Teresa knows that marketing a property for sale is both a science and an art. The ‘science’ component necessitates the use of data analytics derived from the Toronto Real Estate sales data to have her sellers price position their property accurately against other offerings for sale to get the maximum number of buyers in the door. Ultimately, Teresa knows that the longer a home spends listed on the market, the less money her sellers will net for it. Durham sales data supports this in spades: The sale price of a home (as a percentage of original list price) drops below asking price after approximately day 13 on the market - the same time that showings typically drop off. Teresa knows that homes left to sit on the market and get market stale serve more to get the listing agent sign calls and sell other neighbourhood homes rather than what the primary objective should be: selling her client’s property in the shortest time frame for the maximum amount of money. Correctly interpreting market sales data is imperative to supporting every recommendation Teresa makes to her clients.

The ‘art’ component of marketing a property involves utilizing the most professional quality photography and videography possible. This does not and should never involve the use of a smart phone. Teresa knows that Full Market Exposure to the 56000 Realtors that belong to our Toronto Board gives her sellers the best chance at reaching the largest number of serious, qualified buyers via their Buyer Representatives. Serious buyers get representation. A buyer will make a decision to go to see a property based on the 20 photos that are posted in our TREB system, the virtual tour, as well as Teresa’s persuasive descriptions of the property’s unique features. Every one of these marketing components needs to be spectacular. Drone photography and videography have also become necessary staples in Teresa’s repertoire of tools when marketing all of her client’s properties.

Being excellent at what she does, Teresa knows that telling her clients the truth about their home’s value at the outset, is the best path to an outstanding outcome. Teresa provides detailed research on a recommended list price coupled with the quantitative evidence to support that recommendation. On the buying side, Teresa will bring attention to that eyesore and unknown health risks associated with hydro wires within 100 metres of the home you’re falling in love with as surely as she will bring up the poor Fraser Report ranking of the schools within its catchment area. Interested in knowing the condos that have the highest market growth rate annually by address? This is just an example of the kind of data analytics Teresa provides each and every client that sets her apart from her peers. Being a good salesperson means that she represents her clients as well as she would represent a family member, relative, or close friend. Teresa offers the care her clients want, the integrity they deserve, and the attention to detail that is critical to a successful transaction. Teresa earned her Membership in The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing in May of 2020. As a proud new member of the Institute, she is now part of an international network of real estate professionals who specialize in the luxury market.