By: Teresa Eaton

Spring 2023: What you need to know about what might be on the horizon….

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Information about the real estate market abounds these days, from print journalism to social media to the nightly news: how does one make sense of it all?  It’s almost like a firehose of information, and I really feel for the public as just last week I read a news article that had completely contradictory statements by the penning journalist in the very same article!  Whatever the ...Read More

By: Teresa Eaton

What is the difference between Downsizing 2 years ago vs Downsizing NOW in Durham Region?

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    For those that know me, I am a lover of data, analytics, and how really looking at what is happening with the actual numbers can inform the advice I give my clients so they can sell faster and get more money against other competing listings, and essentially pay less when they purchase any real estate product anywhere in the GTA (although I am admittedly more of an expert in the Dur...Read More

By: Teresa Eaton

The Luxury Market in Durham Region

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Many new words and phrases became part of our global lexicon in 2020 and 2021: ‘lockdown’, ‘novel coronavirus’, ‘double vaccinated’, ‘viral load’:  This was terminology that we all had to get acquainted with very quickly, whether we liked it or not. When we went into lockdown in March of 2020, the number of listings on the market in the GTA took...Read More

By: Teresa Eaton

The 2021 Market in Durham Region

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  Well, what a year it’s been already and it’s only the end of April!  You may have noticed that sale prices are soaring, homes are selling for well above list price, and to be a buyer in this market is tough unless you are a downsizer.  Having to bid against 5-10 other buyers (or more) to get a property in our region takes industriousness, patience, and a commitment to...Read More

By: Teresa Eaton

The May 1 Real Estate Market in Durham: A Low Tide Does Not Sink All Boats

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I find it interesting to watch the stories about real estate in the news (reputable news sources, that is).  I have noticed in my years working in this industry that sometimes a real estate related news story might capture a macro level ‘snapshot’ of what is happening in general that isn’t necessarily reflective of what is going on at the micro community level...Read More

By: Teresa Eaton

Social Distancing to #FlattenTheCurve Does Not Appear to be Flattening Real Estate Sale Prices in Durham to Date.

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Sitting down as a family again for dinner with our teenagers in one place at the same time: working on the moving parts of my business: finishing the good book I started: organizing a nightmare closet that has been calling my name for 6 months. These have been some of the ‘silver linings’ in my own life since the CoVid19 virus has had us social distancing so as not to overload our heal...Read More

By: Teresa Eaton

When do homes in Durham sell for the most money?

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When do homes in Durham in the current market sell for the most amount of money?  The answer?  As soon after going live to market as possible and/or when buyers are competing to get it.  This is true in any market.  A unique and competitive pricing strategy helped my clients sell their property successfully on Henderson Drive in Whitby against many other homes listed for sale ...Read More

By: Teresa Eaton

Hitting ‘The Sweet Spot’ in a Seller’s Market

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My passions in life these days are my family, real estate, and tennis.  That order can vary on any given day. When you hit a tennis ball with a tennis racquet, there is a special area on the racquet (like a baseball or cricket bat) at which point the force that is transferred to the hand is so minimal that striking the ball feels almost effortless.  In real estate, as in tenni...Read More

By: Teresa Eaton

Hold onto your Hats in 2017!

Tags: Hold onto your Hats in 2017!

Well if there has been any hallmark to this year in real estate so far in the last two months it has been exorbitant sale prices in Durham Region.  Why, you ask?  Right now we do not have enough homes for sale for the amount of buyers that need and want property. Enter more and more Toronto buyers to the mix (that are realizing how far their dollars can go in Durham), and we h...Read More

By: Teresa Eaton

Using the Listing Realtor to Buy Your Next Home? You Might Want to Rethink That Plan

Tags: Using the Listing Realtor to Buy Your Next Home? You Might Want to Rethink That Plan

As I meet customers and clients in this business, I encounter various misconceptions that I continue to be surprised persist. That is, I am surprised when a potential consumer of real estate is not aware of some of the pitfalls of their own actions.  While the public consumer on the whole has become savvier in the wake of many HGTV real estate and design shows, misinformation can still abound...Read More